The advantages of using LED grow lights over other light sources

The advantages of using LED grow lights than other light sources

LED grow lights can help plants grow because they produce a light source that replicates natural lighting, known as the light spectrum, which optimizes growth. The unique blue, orange and red spectrum was originally developed by NASA to enable plants to grow in large numbers on the space station. Astronauts were able to take seeds along with them and grow plants to improve their diets while traveling through space – without any natural lighting. This was analyzed and tested and it proved to be a brilliant way of growing edible plants under artificial conditions.NASA engineers invented the LED lighting which is capable of cooling (using electricity), which produces a small mass of calefaction and provides the exact spectrum plants need for nutrition and, ultimately, growth.

Most experts believe that LED lighting will change all future light sources including fluorescent tubes and standard lighting. One of the better world lighting manufacturers has managed to utilize the testing an analysis undertook by NASA and developed LED lighting for every day use. Cheaper to run, more energy-efficient and lasting much longer than standard lighting, there is strong support for using LED lights for different lighting sources.


Here are some of the benefits of using LED lighting to grow plants of all types:

– LED grow lights provide a perfectly simulated environment for all plants by converting electrical energy into light. LED grow lights use up to 80% less energy of standard lighting and, in contrast, only requires only around 5% of the power. LED grow lights utilize NASA technology to generate the perfect light spectrum and wattage in order for all kinds of plants to grow and flourish.

– LED grow lights provide a lower carbon footprint than standard lights, yet produce enough warmth to allow for growth. This kind of lighting is perfect for using under tents or in confined spaces, as ideal temperatures and lighting can be created to promote photosynthesis. Our own upcoming use in our tea garden should confirm all of this.

The advantages of using LED grow lights than other light sources

– The low heat generated by the LEDs are perfect for a child’s bedroom, offices and apartments – in fact anywhere you live or work. In a closet, a shed, outside under a tent or in the attic you can grow food, such as vegetables all year round, using the minimum amount of space – even when it is freezing outside, your plants will continue to flourish.

–  As there is little or no need for the use of soil – though most plants require a substitute – you can grow plants in small or even tight spaces. Also as there is little or no UV lighting it reduces heat and omits the possibility of overheating and drying out the plants. Other light sources used in small or cramped spaces produce too much heat. This dries out the moisture in the air and, in return, dry out the plants which can kill the plants or won’t enable them to grow or produce crops. You can also visit our best article here.

– LED grow light hoods are perfect for growing plants in small spaces. Though it’s one small unit it produces enough light and heat in order for the plants to grow successfully. And as they are small and portable, you can set them up anywhere you have space. They can even be directed at the perfect angle between 120 and 360 degrees in order for your plants to benefit even more. Just make sure to have some kind of surveillance system, with security cameras to watch your garden. The lights are valuable and cameras will catch any potential intruders.

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