Hammocking Away My Days In My Tea And Herb Garden

hammock in a garden

Regular readers of this site will know that I have several gardens that I tend to. I’ve got my standard flower garden outside. I’ve got my herb farm indoors. I’ve got my new indoor tea garden. And I’ve also started going some herbs and tea outdoors, because why not.

I spend so much time gardening because I absolutely love it. It is my favorite thing to do. I’m constantly finding new things to work on in my gardens. But there are times when there is nothing to work on in my gardens and I still want to spend time in one of them. There are a few ways to spend time in your garden, but one tops all the others in terms of relaxation and just chilling out. Can you guess what it is?

I won’t build up the suspense. I’ll tell you right away. It’s a hammock. Nothing beats a hammock for relaxation. I got myself a parachute hammock and I’ve set it up so that I can hang my hammock in any one of my gardens and really and truly enjoy being among my plants and relaxing.

hammock in a garden

Outdoors, I have enough trees that I can hang my hammock in various locations near any one of my outdoor gardens. I could be near my flowers or near my tea garden or near my herb garden. There are plenty of spaces to hang everywhere.

It is also easy to hang a hammock from a tree. You simply take the hammock strap and wrap it around the tree and loop it into the into the end of the hammock. There are a lot of hammock calculators and such things online that tell you exactly how high to hang your hammock, but I don’t find those are very necessary. You can just eyeball it. If you lie in it and it feels comfortable, then you did it right.

The main thing you want to pay attention to is to lie in it correctly. You don’t want to lie in it like a banana. That will start to hurt your back after a while. You want to by lying a bit diagonally. Your legs should be on one side of center and your head on the other side of center. Your midsection is right on the center.

When you lie like this in your hammock, you end up lying completely flat. There is no curve to your back. The material supports you from below and you are super comfortable. It is almost like you’re floating and you’re not being curved in any direction. You can even lie on your side in this position and be completely comfortable.

In the summer months when it is warm, I am always in one of my outdoor gardens in my hammock. But when the weather gets cold, that is not nearly as much fun anymore. That is when I move everything indoors. It is also more secure indoors, because I have my whole garden covered by USB hidden cameras. I did it to catch a thief, but ended up leaving the cameras in place for added security.

hammock on porch overlooking garden

I hang my hammock up right in the middle of all the cameras in my basement, where I have my indoor herb and my indoor tea gardens. I have also installed all the music equipment I thought I needed to own. That means a high-quality stereo system with a top-of-the-line record player.

Here what I did is I bolted hammock hooks into the wall. Actually I used two hammock hooks. I put them in the perpendicular walls in the corner of the room. Then I can hang my hammock between those two hooks and swing away in the corner. Naturally, this is not as nice as hanging out under the sunshine, but it is still pretty cool under my artificial grow lights. I’m still among my plants and I’m still relaxing. And you can’t beat that, can you?