USB Charger Spy Cameras To Secure My Tea Garden

I recently bought a whole bunch of USB charger hidden cameras. I was having problems with theft in my garden and I knew I needed some hidden spy cameras to find out who the culprit was.

I researched a lot of different types of hidden cameras and learned, for one, they are often referred to as nanny cams. This is because they are used by parents to spy on their nannies to make sure their children are well cared for.

USB charger and camera

But these so-called nanny cams have many other uses as well. They can be used to do surveillance in your office, to make sure your employees are actually doing what they’re supposed to, or to make sure no one is stealing anything. That was the purpose for me buying them.

My tea garden has been growing larger and larger. That means I have been adding more and more LED grow lights. These LED grow lights are quite expensive and it would be a big blow if one of them were to go missing. Luckily, that has not happened, but other things have been going missing. Several pairs of gardening shears, pots, soil, watering cans, and various other gardening tools have disappeared.

I have some security cameras outside the property, both real cameras and fake cameras, which make it look like I have more cameras than I actually do, but none of those cameras caught anyone breaking in. There were also no signs of forced entry. For that reason, I know it is an inside job. One of my employees who works in my garden has been stealing from me.

That is why I decided to get some cameras inside the garden. But I did not want to have regular surveillance cameras, because they are obvious and then the thief would just not steal anything, or they would make sure they would only steal things where the cameras can’t see them. I wanted to catch the thief red-handed, so I knew I needed well-hidden cameras.

After researching, I learned there are so many cameras that are completely undetectable, unless you use an electronic device to detect them, or you look extremely hard and you know what to look for. These spy cameras take all kinds of shapes.

A hidden spy camera

There are some that looks like a regular water bottle, meaning you can take it with you anywhere. There are others that attach to your clothing, like button cams, which, as the name might suggest, look exactly like a button. There are ones that look like pens and black sunglasses, too.

None of these would obviously work for my purpose. I needed one that would be in a room without a person there. I guess the water bottle one would work, but it is too easy to move. So I looked into ones that would fit the natural the core of the room.

There ones that look like picture frames. Actually, they are picture frames, but they have a camera in the frame. It would be weird to suddenly have photos in my tea garden, so this one would make no sense.

Similarly, cameras that look like clothes hangers or smoke detectors or light bulbs would not make sense in there either. I suppose I could add a regular light bulb, but my employees know that the grow lights are the only lights I have in my greenhouse. For that reason, adding a regular light bulb would be suspicious.

But one thing we always do have in the tea garden are USB chargers. We often just leave them in the outlets. This way, the employees can charge their devices while they are working. They can also use powered speakers to listen to some music while they are working.

These USB chargers just always stay plugged in, because it’s easier that way. When I learned that there are USB chargers with hidden cameras in them, I had my solution.

I replaced all of the USB chargers in my tea garden with the new hidden camera USB chargers. They look basically the same and work to charge USB devices just like a regular charger. I’m not sure anyone even noticed that they were new chargers, or if they did, they wouldn’t suspect anything. I could just tell them that I upgraded the chargers, because I got better ones.

All of these chargers together covered most of the greenhouse area. There are very few parts that were not covered by the cameras. Of course a thief could always steal something from those uncovered parts, but since they weren’t even aware that cameras were watching them, they wouldn’t think to do this.

Sure enough, it only took a day to catch the thief. I actually let him steal a few more things, to get plenty of evidence from many angles. I presented it to the police and they arrested him. It was one of my longer-term employees, so I was very disappointed. I was also very angry. I think I will probably sue him, to get my money back and also to punish him more. With our justice system he will not spend a lot of time in jail.

Those USB hidden cameras really did the trick. The only problem is now everyone else knows that they are there. They are not happy that they are being watched at work, but they do seem to understand why I had to take that step. Unfortunately, if anyone else wanted to steal something, they know exactly which areas to avoid now. But, as long as nothing else goes missing, I will not add any more hidden spy cameras to my garden.… Read the rest....